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I've worked over 12 years in the industry - as a makeup artist for both Lancôme and Laura Mercier and a skin care consultant for Clarins.  Each company contributed greatly to my knowledge about product and my understanding of the industry.  I always had a very loyal clientele because of my honesty – I pulled from every cosmetics line on the floor, knowing that each line had their niche.  I'm always on the look out for the next best product that works. 

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY my obsession with makeup started early while watching my older sister putting on makeup in the 80’s.  It was hypnotizing.  She worked at a local high-end department store and would bring home all sorts of samples (which coincidentally included Clarins!).  I had a shrine of them in our vanity and used so little in fear I would run out and never be able to replace it with the real size!  I realized I had a talent that married perfectly with my passion!  Today, my girlfriends come to me and ask about color choices and skin care products and drag me (very willingly) to the stores so they don’t get talked into products they don’t need!   

I currently reside in beautiful Lakewood, Colorado with my husband and 3 kids.

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